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May 08, 2013 11:39 AM | Deleted user
Jerry Hartman - Publisher Member

I came away with so much information from our speakers and other members. Can’t wait till next year’s Convention in San Diego! I am so excited that Alex Perriello has agreed to speak to us again. His insight into the future of the real estate industry is amazing. He is worth the entire cost of coming to the convention.

PLUS… after using the xdeadline for years, Craig Baker and Mike Aukscunas showed me xdeadline applications that I did not know existed. I now know about Augmented Reality after Jennifer Mueller with Shweiki Media spoke to us. Selling New Media presentation by Duane Hughes was an eye opener. David Yunghans with Constant Contact was so good that the membership voted to purchase Constant Contact for NAREP and our New Members Committee. I will be implementing many new ideas from our annual Publishers Round Table and the new addition Sharing Our Sale Presentation

Thanks to all that had a hand in putting this NAREP Convention together… GREAT JOB!
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