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The 2011 NAREP National Convention was held May 13 & 14, 2011 at the Stratosphere Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. All members in attendance were treated to two days of wonderful speakers and too much to eat! The securing of good programing and the sharing of information among the members is a vital element of the organization's purpose of education and support for independent real estate publishers across the nation.

Members, upload your photos of the convention. Keep in mind that these albums are for public view. Please make sure your photos are in jpg format, RGB and 72dpi.
20 photo(s) Updated on: May 15, 2011
  • NAREP President Tony Santagati at Guano Point
  • Stratosphere Tower (Look closely at center of tower)
  • Robin Bullard NAREP Secretary/Treasurer of McAllen Tx and Micah Aukscunas of Beaver, PA at Circus Circus
  • New Bridge over the Colorado River viewed from Hoover Dam Road
  • Micah and the photographer opted to pass on the glass bottomed "Skywalk" attraction
  • Last Stop Inc (Not really the last stop, but priced as if)
  • Jumper
  • Jerry Hartman of Roanoke, VA. An original publisher member of NAREP
  • Jerry Hartman, Micah Aukscunas and NAREP President Tony Santagati of Savannah GA
  • Hoover Dam viewed from the new bridge
  • Colorado River from Guano Point
  • Craig Baker of Littleton, CO and Micah Aukscunas
  • Craig Baker, Jerry Hartman
  • Brent Parchman of Clarksville TN, Tony Santagati, Jerry Hartman
  • Brent Parchman, Micah Aukscunas
  • In memory of Ed Toomey who passed away in 2010. Pictured are Ed, Marcie Sandler and Rich Sandler (of Indianapolis Homes Illustrated) during a trip to Park City Utah in 1990
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